Our greatest assets are our people, and we invest in them with continuing education and capacity development.

Continuing education is a key element in our success. Over 75% of our staff has received overseas training and education, and through close cooperation with our global partners, our staff members receive the required knowledge and skills to successfully assist our clients.



sea lion runs SAP

As a growth oriented company, we care about how we run our business. Sea Lion runs SAP to efficiently manage our business operations and serve our customers better. From proposal to commission, our business life cycle is streamlined to handle service calls from our customers.



English Language Skills

We speak English, the global language, as the fall of trade barriers and advancements in telecom technologies make fluency  increasingly important. To improve the English language skills of our associates, Sea Lion provides classes with native English-speaking teachers for team members.



Education First

More than 75% of Sea Lion’s team members have received training in foreign countries such as the United States, Germany, Singapore, Japan and Thailand. Sea Lion has emphasized continuing education for its team members to ensure its competitiveness in the market. Team members are also encouraged to pursue further studies in their own fields, as well as in business management, marketing, finance, English, and communications.